Storytelling and Impact Communications

How can your organization use communications to shift perceptions, practices, and policies? How can you connect to multiple audiences? How can your impact story help you increase awareness and funding?

At Good Work Group, we partner with you to turn your mission into a movement. We ask the important questions and develop integrated, holistic communications strategies and outreach campaigns that will help you engage new audiences, reach your goals, and give your organization's leaders and staff the tools they need to succeed.


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Molly Priesmeyer
Principal, Story Director

Molly Priesmeyer is an award-winning journalist who brings a unique perspective to strategic communications. With her diverse background, natural curiosity, and research acumen, she excels at discovering and creating the stories that connect new audiences and build support for a cause or campaign.

Molly's stories have appeared in City Pages, where she was a staff writer for three years covering local news; the Star Tribune; Pioneer Press, MinnPost; Mpls./St. Paul Magazine, and Rolling Stone. Molly launched Good Work Group in 2010 with the sole purpose of helping nonprofits and mission-driven organizations have a greater impact through journalistic storytelling and insightful, meaningful communications.

Since then, Good Work Group has helped numerous organizations grow and succeed through communication strategies that shape not only their public and policy work, but also create a cultural shift at the organization, where leaders and staff have the new tools they need to achieve their goals and build a successful organization.